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What will be the result of your job search? Will you get that promotion you have been after? Will you land that new account or client? Ask the tarot cards for career and job advice, you'll certainly think of your employment in a new and improved way.

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Frequently Asked Tarot Question About Job/Career

The job I am doing doesn’t make me happy but I don't know what to do. What am I meant to do?
The answer to this question is simple, yet can be challenging at the same time. You are meant to do what makes you come alive, what gives you the feeling of fulfillment. Think – what are you naturally good at? The answer to this is the key to what you are meant to do.

Each one of us has come into this world with natural talents and abilities. Of course, there is always room for improvement, but the bottom line is this: each one of us has something that we are naturally good at doing. Building on this is what we are meant to do and is what makes us come alive! If you have a hard time thinking of something you are good at, a common problem, ask those around and close to you. Keep asking yourself, keep paying attention. What ignites a spark in you?

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