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Secret Tarot
I will use my own deck.

Custom Programmed Tarot / Oracle Card Widgets

Give your website or blog visitors a reason to keep coming back with a tarot reading widget!

Offer tarot or oracle card readings on your website. Fully customizable!

An excellent way to promote your own tarot deck, ebook or tarot reading service.

  • Easy copy/paste HTML widget code
  • Your choice of tarot deck or provide your own
  • Choose card interpretations or provide your own
  • Mobile website compatability!
  • Compatible with website builders: Weebly, Wix, WordPress, Squarespace, etc.
  • Font and colors will match your site
  • 3 Card Spreads, Celtic Cross, or Customize your own!
  • The 3 card spread includes a pull-down selection of what type of question you are asking.
    The default choices are:
    • Past - Present - Future
    • Pro - Con - Advice (Should I do it?)
    • You - Love Interest - Advice (Love Question)
  • Friendly programmer will help you every step of the way Life time tech support included

Please Note: There is no software to download! I will contact you after you make this purchase and discuss your project.
Usually within 24 hours I will have the HTML widget code for you.
Every project is unique from one another so I have no problem making changes. I always aim to please!

Cost: Many add-ons and customization options are available. The basic purchase is $60.00 for 1 spread using 1 deck.
Contact me for a custom quote if your project is more complicated than that.
I will usually discount for multiple decks and/or spreads depending on the nature of your project.


  • Online admin editor: Edit the meanings of the cards anytime! ($20.00)
  • Ask for Guidance: User can email cards to admin for personalized reading. ($20.00)
  • Newsletter Signup: Shuffle cards then sign up for newsletter to see the results. ($10.00)
  • Journal: User can save reading to a journal for future reference. ($40.00)
  • Themes: Different databases for different question types such as money, love, career, health, etc. ($10.00 per theme)


Working Demos:

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