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The Babylonian Tarot is dedicated to the mythology of ancient Mesopotamia. Author and Golden Dawn master Sandra Tabatha Cicero describes the difficulty of her undertaking: Unlike the Egyptian gods and goddesses whose stories were preserved on papyrus, the narratives of the Babylonian deities were written on fragile clay tablets in an alien-looking form of writing known as cuneiform. Many of these old tablets have been lost, damaged or destroyed—often making it difficult for scholars to coax the secrets of the earliest-known gods out from the crumbling archives of history into the light of day.

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Unlike traditional tarot decks, this one does not start with card number zero (The Fool) but instead begins with a numberless card that portrays the very essence of the beginning as written in the world's oldest recorded Creation Story. This is the card of Genesis which represents the birth of the universe.

Cicero has also added 4 court cards to her deck, known as "Kerubim" who are spiritual sages in ancient Babylon that were considered to be fierce protectors. They were carved as enormous statues at the entrance of temples in Mesopotamia.

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Tarot card illustrations © Sandra Tabatha Cicero

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