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The Buckland Romani Tarot have imagery taken from the British Roma culture. Author Raymond Buckland's family are a well known and respected Romani family (on his father's side) in Britain. He recalls hearing tales when he was young about the colorful Gypsy way of life. He has written several books on gypsies and witchcraft. Artist Lissanne Lake's illustrations show natural landscapes set in time pre-1950. Gypsies and gypsy caravans in various states of decoration, some even run-down, all depending on the mood of the tarot card. The sky is visible in most cards, colored appropriately for each suit - Koshes/Staves are a golden dawn, Koros/Cups are a rainbow blend, Chivs/Knives bleak and snowy, Wheels/Coins are the blue skies of the afternoon.

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The cards are based on the Rider-Waite system, but are adapted to the Romani culture. Suits have also been renamed to Koshes (Staves), Koros (Cups), Bolers (Wheels) and Chivs (Knives).

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