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Crystal Visions Tarot Cards

Tarot card illustrations © Jennifer Galasso

The Crystal Visions Tarot is hand painted by fantasy artist Jennifer Galasso. She was inspired by singer Stevie Nicks' Crystal Visions album as well as her own interest in crystal balls. It is a traditional tarot deck in most respects except for the fact it contains an extra card known as The Unknown Card which represents situations that are not meant to be revealed quite yet and require further introspection by the seeker.

The symbols of the Suit of Wands are candles, sprites, dragons, lions, unicorns, horses, crystal balls and snapdragons. The summer scenes are stark and mountainous, with blazing skies. Many of the characters portrayed in this suit are auburn haired with light or dark eyes.

The symbols used in the Suit of Cups are different phases of the moon, enchanted coves, water lilies, dragonflies, and water nymphs. The spring time scenes take place at dusk, with the sunset colored skies and Spanish moss turning an inlet into a romantic hideaway or a place to reveal your emotions and find spiritual growth. Most of the characters portrayed in this suit are water deities and nymphs, and are light haired and light eyed.

The symbols used in the Suit of Swords are birds, mostly ravens, plus butterflies, and winged and armored characters. The swords scenes take place in winter time and are stark and gray, with cloudy skies and snow-covered rocky terrain. Despite this, roses, both dangerous and beautiful, continue to grow, and daylight continues to break through, signifying a promise of hope to end conflict and strife. Most of the characters found in the suit are dark haired, dark eyed and winged.

The symbols used in the Suit of Pentacles are earth spirits, dryads, lush and fruitful trees and plants, wildlife, crystals and gems. The autumn scenes are wooded and shady, where much of the greenery has set its roots deep into the earth, while other life has just begun to sprout. Many of the characters portrayed in this suit are earth spirits and are darker haired with light or dark eyes.

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