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Tarot of the Hidden Folk Cards

TAROT OF THE HIDDEN FOLK is based on the magical connection between the real world and the Secret Realm, which is the world of fairy tales. The beings in the Tarot of the Hidden Folk represent the forces in the Secret Realm. The authors refer to a work called Book of Rael, which deals with occult hierarchies in the Secret Realm.

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The 22 major arcana are the 22 Keepers of Universal Power, and represent the fundamental energies of nature. The most powerful forces are the 16 Governors, which are the court cards. They can act directly on the four fundamental parts of nature, and can at time mirror human beings. They are also said to act through the 36 Lords (the pips, or numbered cards of the four suits). The 4 Roots are: the Force of Everlasting Fire (Ace of Wands), the Force of the Water of Life (Ace of Chalices), the Force of Eternal Wind (Ace of Swords) and the Force of Mother Earth (Ace of Pentacles).

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