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The English Magic Tarot was created by a three man team consisting of Rex Van Ryn (art work), Stephen Dooley (colorization), and Andy Lechter (author of companion book). The concept of the deck is, as the name suggests, an exploration of the world of English magic from the time of Henry VIII to the Restoration. Many historical figures appear in the cards, playing the role of villian or hero. The art work is a cross between comic book drawings and medieval playing cards, with suggestive scenes that often require detailed analysis to understand the hidden meanings of the cards. The companion book does a solid job of deciphering the myths and legends of England conected with the cards using a stream of conscious narrative voice.

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The deck is fairly true to the standard Rider-Waite format except the suit of pentacles has become coins, and the Wheel of Fortune is simply Fortune. The artist makes some daring differences in thematic concepts, such as substituting a hare for the Fool's guide dog and using a Burning Man for Judgement.

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