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Ancestral Path Tarot Cards
Tarot card illustrations © U.S. Games Systems, Inc.

The Ancestral Path Tarot features the four suits of the minor arcana that are represented by four unique cultures of different eras in history: Cups represent the Legends of King Arthur in medieval England; Swords are the Japanese Samurai; Sacred Circles - American Indians of the 1700's; Staves - 19th Dynasty of Ramses II in Egypt.

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An interesting card worthy of reflection is the Moon, showing a large glowing moon luminating a nocturnal landscape over a large body of water that runs north to south. Out of this stream rises a grey haired matron who weaves patterns of fabric on a loom. This imagery speaks of the emotional habit patterns we weave and have woven in the past and how in becoming more conscious and aware of them and in connecting with the Source, we could choose to weave the fabric of our lives more purposefully.

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