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Looking at the images in the Pagan Tarot is like looking at snapshots of a neo-pagan American girl taken at intervals in her daily life. Scenes range from traditional Wiccan ritual to shopping at a metaphysical boutique. The deck is a depiction of her Spiritual journey through Paganism, and as such the cards are great for meditation for those of us walking a similar path. The court cards are renamed from pages, knights, queens, and kings to elementals, novices, initiates, and elders.

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  • Elemental: The lowest member of the court. Similar to Pages, they represent the spark, the absolute purest form of the energy of the suit (Earth, Air, Fire and Water), and thus have every possible potential as well as limitless boundaries. Inspiration, intuition, and the birth of the new. When we see the Elemental, we are setting forth on a journey of a thousand miles, and have just taken our first step.

  • Novice: The next level of commitment and action within the tarot court. Since this card is equivalent to the Knight in traditional tarot, it shows us where we have literally begun to throw our energy into our new path, whether it be mental, emotional, physical or spiritual. We are action oriented and motivated to work on our goals. As long as we don't lose sight of the rest of our lives, this can be healthy.

  • Initiate: A higher level of energy within the court that has made much progress. Some commitment has already been established. Growth is not by any means limited or finished, there is still much to be done; however, validation of the chosen path is ours, because we have accomplished enough to see that success will be ours if we continue working as we have been. We can enjoy what we have, but not get lazy or complacent.

  • Elder: The highest levels of power that are possible along the given path. In order to continue growing, the Elder must pass on the knowledge and experience to someone coming up the path: no further accomplishment is possible without teaching or in some other way helping others. A new path may also be recommended. We can go no further without some form of change.

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Tarot card illustrations © Gina M. Pace

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