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Illustrated by Stefano Palumbo, the Tarot of the Holy Grail is a deck of warriors, monks and priests, pictured in their quest for the Holy Land (Jerusalem) and more specifically for the Holy Chalice from the Last Supper. During the Crusades, three orders of paladins were formed to defend pilgrims and sacred places the Knights Templar, the Knights Hospitaler, and the Teutonic Knights. They held certain Christian relics, the most famous of which was reputed to be the Grail, a symbol of divine grace. The images on these cards are of the battles and travails of the knights while on their crusade.

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The Magician is Hughes de Payens, the Empress is Queen Sibyl of Jerusalem, the Devil is Baphomet, and the Tower is the Fall of Jerusalem. The High Priestess, normally a symbol of feminine power, instead shows two knights kneeling at a throne. This deck has very little female influence. Even the Lovers card shows two men of opposing factions squaring off for combat.

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