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Comic book artist Robert De Angelis designed Tarot of the Spirit World as a means of bridging the worlds of reason and emotion, creating a nexus where shadows come to life and our unconscious universe becomes real. The deck is devoted to the things in life that guide us, but that we cannot quite grasp. These things exist in an invisible world, the world of dreams and mysterious messages. We may call them angels, demons, spirits, or entities, but whatever we call them we end up trying to fit them in our rational world where they don't belong. In so doing we obscure their signals. The borders of our logical world will expand if we follow the paths set by our emotions, our truest feelings, and our deepest fears. The philosopher Lao Tse advises us to "dim the light and become one with the impalpable world."

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The spirits are divided into five categories:

  1. The gods and higher demons, which correspond to the Major Arcana.
  2. The lower demons (or lemures) which symbolize fears, obsessions, passions and faults, and correspond to the suit of Wands.
  3. The kindhearted spirits which appear as benevolent apparitions and influences, corresponding to the suit of Chalices (Cups).
  4. The angels, custodians and judges of human actions, corresponding to the suit of Swords.
  5. The spirits of ancestors and forefathers, which correspond to the suit of Pentacles.

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