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Tarot of Timeless draws upon ancient Northern European culture and largely nature based images to convey truths that span the course of human experience. Together with rich color and imagery, runes, astrology and crystals, Tarot Of Timeless Truth is a profoundly intuitive deck that has been enjoyed by beginners and experts alike. Self-published by Canadian author/artist Leila Vey, the cards are part reality, part fantasy, and centered on the elements and reflective of Vey's background and heritage. The major arcana have attributions printed in the left hand corner: a small Kabbalistic glyph of the Tree of Life, with the appropriate pathyway for each card marked; the Hebrew letter for the card; the astrological sign or planet associated with the card; the card's Rune correspondence. The Minor Arcana has the number and suit across the top of the card, and a keyword across the bottom. The Court Cards show the name and suit across the top of the card, with a glyph of the totem animal at the bottom left or right hand side of the card.

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The Queen of Swords shows a no-nonsense woman adorned with a fur shawl and headband kneeling on the ground, with snow, ice and mountains in the background. She looks straight out of the card, making direct eye contact with the reader. She is tending a man's injured leg. A dragonfly appears in the lower left hand corner of this card as her totem creature.

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