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Zombie Tarot Cards

The Zombie Tarot: An Oracle of the Undead is an enjoyable tarot deck worth reading with during Halloween season or anytime you feel zombies might convey the best message for what's on your mind even if you aren't a big fan of the Walking Dead. The suits of the minor arcana remain traditional except pentacles/coins are represented by biohazard symbols referred to as "hazards".

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The quirky illustrations by Paul Kepple (Housewives’ Tarot) are more humorous than scary despite the abundance of gore. They conjure a feeling of nostalgia as if this is from a 50s or 60s horror movie. It would be fair to describe this deck as the Housewives Tarot invaded by a Zombie Apocalypse. The 5 of Wands depicts a man lying on the floor, covered in blood and trying to crawl away despite the fact that both of his legs have been hacked off at the knees. Above him two zombies are fighting over an amputated drumstick. The meaning: Quarrels, Strife, and Competition. I find that these cards have dual meanings depending on whether you focus on the humans or the zombies. For instance this card could also mean determination despite handicap (or injury). Get a reading below for more descriptive interpretations of the cards in this bloodtastic deck.

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