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Tarot Card Meanings > Major Arcana > Justice

The Justice card means truth, fairness in judgement, legal proceedings, and correct decision making. Lady Justice is holding a scales as she weighs the evidence of the case. Sometimes, as in Crowley's Thoth deck, she is blindfolded to show her impartiality. Often she holds an upright sword, a symbol of responsibility and mercy. She is a bastion of virtue. Below you can view the various artistic interpretations of the Justice card.


Justice is the objective law of the universe.The essence of the law.
The law of the laws. Objective witness. The truth.
It is not the blind justice of human law.
It is not the dogma of religious law.
It is not the rules of a childish game.
Justice is not revenge; revenge is not justice.
It‘s not interested in pity or guilt.
Justice is, simply, forgiveness.

It is a serene surrender to the unknowable questions, moving meditation with the eyes wide open, harmony with the laws of nature.

The images of eyes represent the search for objective reality and truth.
The sword and the scale represent sharp discernment and equality.
The mouse and the owl are justice in action.
Without equality, justice cannot be fair.
The Quan Yin symbolizes the quality of selfless mercy and compassion.
Stonehenge is a human attempt to chart the laws of the heavens.
The ruby jewel in the 4-way cross represents the pain of encountering reality.
The agony of conquering the passions on the 4 paths.
Because you are inside the creation, you cannot see the whole gestalt.
Suffering is the result of disagreement with the creation.
Your suffering is an argument with the creator.
Are you in denial of the truth?
Are you whining that “it isn’t fair”?
Are you ready and able to love it like it is?

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