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Tarot Card Meanings > Major Arcana > Temperance

The winged angelic figure of The Temperance card is neither man or woman and is perhaps a fusion of the archangel Michael and the goddess Iris. He/she is pictured over sea and land, alchemical wet and dry, symbols of the outer and inner worlds. Miixing the inner world of the psyche with the external physical world, what Carl Jung refers to as synchronicity, Temperance represents timing, connectedness, balance, beauty, and higher consciousness. Below you can view the various artistic interpretations of the Temperance card.


Temperance is equilibrium.
A pause to feel your connection with the current of life.
The cosmic life force flows through you, and you flow through it.
You are immersed in the orbit of life.
She’s an angel who holds your hand in the midst of turmoil.
She is at home in the conscious world as well as the subconscious.
There is no contradiction between the inner and the outer world.
The inside feelings are not crying in contradiction to what you are doing outside.
White is the symbol of purity, meaning pure, undistracted intentions.
She is the goddess Iris, who is the rainbow connecting heaven and earth.

“Dead my old fine hopes, and dry my dreaming,
but still Iris blue each Spring.” --Basho.

She is the calm eye of the storm between Death and the Devil.
A tranquil and balanced life style.
The reminder of paradise. A guardian angel.
The fishes swim up and the birds fly down in perpetual circulation.
This is a breathing space in the tumultuous struggle of the ego’s death.
The energy is calm and comfortable.
The rainbow colors are refracted from the white light of the sun.
The sun has risen in the sky beyond. A new aspect is revealed.
The re-birth has begun.
Are you listening to your dreams, the messages from your inner Self?
Do you see that inside and outside are the same?
Are you “going with the flow” of life energy?
Are you rested and ready for the next initiation?

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