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Typically depicted on this card is a mature man riding the chariot, which is pulled by white and black steeds or sphinx. The chariot is sometimes emblazoned with a yin-yang sign, synergetic opposites. As you can see in this card the strongest theme is balance; balance of the negative and positive forces to achieve success. Maintain focus and attend to details. Below you can view the various artistic interpretations of the Chariot card.

The Chariot

The Chariot is the energy and inspiration to move forward.
It Ďs time to design your own path and invent your own paradise.
It is time for you to cross the great waters;
to leave your familiar world behind;
to enter new, uncharted territory;
to generate your own original ideas.
The alchemical balance was achieved in the Lovers.
Now you can do your own thing; be honest; be yourself.
Only now can you actually move ahead on the great adventure.

You are the androgynous warrior in the chariot, the sum total and result of the first seven cards in the major arcana.

You will have to navigate by the stars.
The eight-pointed star, representing the perfected human, is your guiding vision.
It points ahead to the beautiful star of self-recognition.
Your chariot is whatever vehicle gets you going; whatever moves you.
Itís your excitement, your enthusiasm, your curiosity, your love of adventure.
Itís whatever lifts your spirit.

This adventure is internal work and can be accomplished while sitting quietly at home or going about everyday activities.

Are you doing your own thing?
Do you love your work?
Are you moving forward yet?
What new spiritual work are you doing?

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