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Tarot Card Meanings > Major Arcana > The Dark Magician

He wears a dark cloak and wields a tarnished sword and his face is hidden in the darkness. The darkness is his friend because it hides his presence. . A wolf behind him watches and the full moon shines overhead.

The Dark Magician Tarot Card

Lock your doors, sound the drums, something evil this way comes.

The energy of this card personifies anger, bad intentions, hateful thoughts, black magic or psychic attacks.

It can also represent repressed anger that has degenerated into a deep depression that may be hidden and destructive.

This card may alert you to an angry presence that could be dangerous.
You will probably know who it is.

The Dark Magician is a warning and a head's up. He is telling you to be aware of an enemy who watches you from a hidden place or maybe even lurks in the heart of a close friend. There is jealously, fear, hatred and disdain, behind this energy. It represents hot hidden anger.

Take steps to protect yourself on the psychic level and take note of strange dreams or nightmares. You may never see or recognize this enemy because the work is done behind the scenes and in the shadows or under the guise of a friend.

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