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The Empress is the maternal aspect of the virgin depicted in the High Priestess. She represents the feminine principle that is attractive and attracts what she desires. She represents fertility and sensuality. Below you can view the various artistic interpretations of the Empress card.

The Empress

The Empress is the excitement and vitality of life.
She is the rapture of being alive.
The archetype of the powerful female.
The Earth Mother.
She is sensuous vital energy. Elan vital.
The birds and the bees.
The cornucopia of plenty. The field of ripe wheat.
The dance.
The Empress has overcome her initial fears and is now fully aware of her life energy.
Sexuality is her power.
She is Eve; Hera; Demeter; Venus; Aphrodite.
The spectrum of female fullness and fruitfulness.
She is the strength of Sacajawea.
She is the cry of witches and bitches.
She is the tiger and the lamb together.
She is the experience of feeling the heartbeat of nature while walking quietly down a murmuring path in the woods and thrilling to the scintillation of colors in a splash of sunlight.
When do you feel like the Empress?
How do you remind yourself of this voluptuous surrender to life?
Do you dance, run, walk, exercise, move your body?
Commune with nature?
Are you feeling fully vital and alive?

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