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Happy Squirrel Tarot Cards

There is no more puzzling a harbinger than the Happy Squirrel card. Sure it's cute and fluffy and comical as it holds a snack in its little paws and nibbles away to it's heart's content, but let's face it, they make lousy pets and have been known to wander in traffic or interrupt a baseball game with their zany antics.

This absurd non-traditional card is appearing with significant frequency in modern tarot decks thanks to a hilarious episode of The Simpsons: Lisa's Wedding.

Lisa encounters a gypsy tarot reader at a medieval fair. Against her better judgement she allows the gypsy to start drawing her cards, and is frightened when Death makes its' ominous appearance. The gypsy reassures her that the card just means transformation, nothing to be concerned about.

The next card is pulled: "Awww, he's cute!" says Lisa fondly.
"The Happy Squirrel!" the gypsy gasps, looking alarmed.
"Is that bad?"
"The cards can be vague and mysterious."

So for better or worse the Happy Squirrel has entered the collective conscious thanks to one of the most popular television shows of all time. We should not be surprised or displeased that the card is becoming ubiquitous. Tarot has been evolving gradually since the middle ages and there aren't any sacred cows in this endeavor. "If it feels right, do it!" is the only rule that should be applied to a tarot reading.

Symbolism from Norse Mythology: Ratatosk (“gnawing tooth”) is a squirrel that climbed up and down a tree that represented the world. Snorri Sturluson, an Icelandic scholar and poet, recorded the story in his 13th-century work Prose Edda. Ratatosk carried insults as it traveled to opposite ends of the tree, fueling a rivalry between the evil dragon residing at the bottom of the tree and the eagle perched at the top...

Other suggestions for interpreting the Happy Squirrel:

  • A wild card that represents the unforeseeable in any circumstance. Its neither good or bad, just an irony.

  • An unknown factor which cannot be revealed at this time. Or a random element which cannot be controlled.

  • There is much to learn from this creature that travels both above and below, who can be fearless, hide in a flash, and even fly at times. Smart enough to prepare for the long dark winter, brave enough to slowly hop into your sight and then freeze and stare at if challenging you to pass or chase.

  • Be careful what you sow. Don't dig it up if it isn't yours to dig. Mindless scurrying might be fun but what about the results? Some things are better left buried.

  • The Happy Squirrel scampers up and down and around the World Tree, careless as can be. What a show off! He makes spiritual travel seem easy!

  • All that is fuzzy and cute is NOT cuddly.

  • Negative energy veiled in a fuzzy suit. Bad juju where you least expect it. That which should seem tamable, but isn't. You can try to outsmart it, but it confronts you unafraid with bold consternation. All it really needs is a tiny pitchfork.
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