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The Sun is a card of victory, achievement and joy. Playful smiling children, sun flowers, radiance are the imagery associated with this card. Below you can view the various artistic interpretations of the The Sun card.

The Sun

The Sun celebrates life.
Itís a Yes!
Itís a Thank You!
Itís a great shout of love.
Itís a dance on the beach basking in the glow.
Itís the voice of your talent.
A song poured from the heart.
Itís transformation of pain into art.
The Sun shines without prejudice.
It symbolizes perfect illumination.
The colors of the world are vivified.
The sun symbolizes rebirth.
Its' light equals enlightenment, omniscience.
The heat of the sun is a symbol of expressiveness and expansiveness.
The baby represents the birth of true compassion.

There are only two mantras, thereís yuck and thereís yum,
Thus daily my crazy old guru did sum.
Yum is the relish for life at its best, a hunger for love, a joyful ingest.
But, yuck is denial, a firm turn away, with mouth clamped tight and nothing to say.
WellÖÖ. Turn around, spin around, my choice is yum!
The vibrating, happy, lip buzzing hummmmmmm of yummmmmmm

Is the Sun rising for you?
Are you feeling thankful?
Do you want to ďgive something backĒ?
Are you allowing your talents to radiate?

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