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The Wheel of Fortune is about the hand of Fate, or to put it more mundanely, it is the element that luck plays in our lives. Good fortune doesn't last forever, as this card shows: the wheel turns, and what was once up goes down and vice versa. This card shows us that forces are cyclical and if one is in a rut or downturn, waiting it out for better times might be a good plan. If one is riding high it would be wise to plan ahead for when things predictably balance out. Below you can view the various artistic interpretations of the The Wheel of Fortune card.

The Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune is the real work of the whole journey.
Itís hard work staying centered while in the chaotic conditions of life!
Itís what you have to do to get enlightened.
It has nothing to do with luck. Itís the job description. The work.
This is the distillation of all the ancient wisdom systems.

It can be the wheel of mis-fortune, when the circle breaks, or when you go against the flow of positive energy.

The wheels and mandalas are attempts to explain the creation.
They represent the sacred alchemical formulas,
the ancient clues for how to reach higher consciousness.

When you are in the hub of the wheel -- the center -- you are not subject to the drama of rising and falling, you are stabilized and centered!

The Sphinx is another symbol of the mysteries; a patient, long-suffering sentinel guarding ancient attempts to find heaven.

The center image of the collage is a great serpent. The Uroburus.
The serpent biting its own tail to keep the circle of vital energy intact.

This is the symbol of an ancient meditation exercise, that visualizes the vital energy circling inside the body, up, down and around the spinal column in an unbroken rhythm.

This spiritual work keeps the vital energy contained and centered.
A butterfly is a symbol of the process of metamorphosis.
How do you stay centered in the midst of everyday activities?
Are you able to keep your center when all around you is turmoil?
Can you stop your negative thoughts from running?

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