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Tarot Card Meanings > Major Arcana > The World

In the World card we see that the purified soul is now at one with the universal soul. Whenever this card is revealed it represents what is truly desired. It is the One, the good, and the Beautiful. Below you can view the various artistic interpretations of the The World card.

This is a victory celebration!
You’re on top of the world!
Completely safe and encircled with blessings.
This is the realization of Buddha under the bodhi tree.

“Beyond the senses, beyond understanding, beyond expression…
It is pure unitary consciousness…
It is ineffable peace. It is the supreme good.
It is one without second.
It is your true self.” --Mandukya Upanishad, c. 500 BCE

The torch symbolizes liberation from the discomforts of the ego.
The butterfly and the dancers celebrate the ecstasy of freedom.
The crown on top of the globe represents the opened crown on top of the spine.
The guru figure signifies that all of our worlds are just soap bubbles.
The yin yang symbol represents total unity, androgyny, and no-contradiction.
The baby in the womb means the essential self is ready for rebirth again.
The blade, heart, star and staff represent fulfillment of the four paths.
Blow your horn! Shout your cheers! Light up your world!

Are you celebrating?
Are you liberated?
How do you manage your freedom?
Are you dancing?
Are you of service to all of humanity?

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