How to Play Video Poker with Tarot Cards | Payout Table

play free video poker with tarot cards Tarot video poker is free to play and gives you an opportunity to win valuable gift cards (details below). The game is played with the 56 cards of the minor arcana plus one wild card selected randomly from the major arcana. Each hand a new wild card is selected, so for instance one hand the Death card might be wild while the next hand it will be replaced by The Fool. You will be informed which major arcana card is wild when you are dealt 5 random cards at the start of the hand.

Tarot Video Poker Prizes
Win an Amazon Gift Card
5 Aces with wild card of the day: $50.00 gift card
Natural Royal Flush: $25.00 gift card
5-of-a-kind with wild card of the day: $10.00 gift card

Contest Terms and Conditions

The goal is to create a winning poker hand by choosing which cards to keep and which to discard. Clicking on a card turns it over showing the card backing, meaning that card will be discarded. Select as many cards as you like. If you don't like any cards, you can discard all of them. If you make a mistake you can click the card again to turn it face up. Cards that remain face up will be held in your hand.

When you are ready to proceed click the "draw!" button and your discards will be replaced by the next available cards in the deck. The computer will determine if you have a winning hand and inform you if you won any credits.

Important note: Aside from the wild card, there are 4 additional cards when compared to a traditional 52 card poker deck: the 4 Pages. The four knights of the tarot deck will substitute as the Jacks of a standard deck, and the 4 pages go right below the knights in rank. What this means, is that a Royal Flush no longer includes a "10" like in a standard game of poker. A royal flush consists instead of Ace, King, Queen, Knight, and Page of the same suit. Here is an example of a Royal Flush:

There is a reason why a new wild card is selected each hand. One major arcana card will be declared the "Card of the Day" at the beginning of your session. You will receive bonus credits when you hit a 4-of-a-kind or better with the card of the day as your wild card. The pay table with examples is below. Assume The World is the card of the day.

5 credits bet per hand:winExample
Natural Royal Flush4000
with the wild card of the day
Royal Flush
with the wild card of the day
Straight Flush
with the wild card of the day
Royal Flush
with wild card
with the wild card of the day
Natural Straight Flush250
Straight Flush
with wild card
Natural 4-of-a-kind90
with wild card
Full House35
2 pairs5
Pair of Kings or Queens5

So what do you think, are ya feelin' lucky?
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