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crone Tarot Cards

The Major Arcana of the Tarot of the Crone represent times when the Crone is speaking directly to your soul. Rather than addressing an aspect of everyday life as in the Minor Arcana cards, the Majors require you to look at the deeper forces working within and upon you. They are challenging and powerful opportunities when they appear in a reading. In the Minor Arcana, the numbered cards represent qualities or aspects of our magical, emotional, mental and mundane lives. They are identified by the combination of their Element (Fire, Water, Air, Earth represented as Wands, Cups, Swords and Disks) and their Number (Ace through Ten). The court cards represent the different faces of the Crone among the Elements, different expressions of Elemental power. Her faces are Beast, Witch, Grandmother and Shadow.

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Color Meanings:

  • Black: The source. The absolute. Night. All and nothing. The well and the void.
  • White: The bare bones. That which endures and tells no lies. Truth.
  • Gray: The unknown. Mystery. Secrets. Shadow.
  • Red: The life force as Lust. Passion. Blood. Strength.
  • Blue: The life force as Thought. Spirit. Wisdom. Peace.
  • Green: The life force as Growth. Life path. Connection between living beings.
  • Yellow: The life force as Exploration. Creativity. Inspiration. Enlightenment.
  • Purple: The life force as Magic. The path of the soul through time. Deep power.
  • Brown: The life of the body. Life in the flesh. Earth. Animals. Home.

Each Suit of the Minor Arcana uses two colors (with black and white):
  • Wands: Red and yellow, for power and will
  • Cups: Red and purple, for feeling and soul
  • Swords: Blue and yellow, for mind and ability
  • Disks: Green and brown, for life and flesh

Major Arcana use any combination of color.

Free Reading with the Tarot of the Crone:

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