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Tarot Card Meanings > Minor Arcana > Ace of Cups

The Ace of Cups is the holy grail of the tarot if we go by its' depiction in the Rider-Waite-Smith deck. This card represents the beginning of a search within the soul for one's true purpose or desire. Upon discovery of our true desire, we will learn that we are not in control. It is like a seed planted in us by a divine source, a seed that needs to be nurtured and allowed to grow. Below you can view the various artistic interpretations of the Ace of Cups card.

The Ace of Cups is experienced in the heart and emotions.
The heart is fully open and receptive.
Pure unconditional Love.
Mystical ecstasy. Compassion.
A benevolent full moon, the honeymoon, showers blessings.
Picasso’s dove offers a rose, the token of love and peace.
The Taj Mahal symbolizes undying love.
The crescent earth is attracting the roses of love and is filled to overflowing.
Apple blossoms in springtime remind us of love.
The young maiden receives the Grail after slaying the negative passions.

Streams of love flow from the full cup,
cascading into the peaceful pool where the lotus blooms. Fulfillment.

The Ace of Cups is experienced when your heart overflows with love;
at a wedding, when love has triumphed;
at times of union with your beloved;
when you hear the baby’s first cry;
when the music of Beethoven transports you;
when you sing your heart out in church;
at a rock concert, when the whole crowd responds together;
when your heart fills with exquisite compassion for all sentient beings.
When your cup is empty, you cannot give.
Instead, you must be receptive, expanded, opened.
Soak it up like a dry sponge.
This taste of sublime bliss gives you the eagerness to experience it again.
Allow it to fill your being. Open to love.

Can you remember an experience of being in the Ace of Cups?
How did you get there? Can you describe your feelings?
Can you describe the feeling of compassion?

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