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A tarot "spread" is the formation of the cards as they are laid out on the table before you. A cards position in relation to the other cards determines how it is to be interpreted. Currently there are two tarot spreads to choose from:
  • Celtic Cross Spread is a detailed 10 card layout that answers a time sensitive question.
  • 3 Card Spread answers most types of questions
  • If you want a really cool yes/no tarot (without journal) please visit my friend's site at: Tarot Reading Daily. He was kind enough to loan us his yes/no readings here on this site after I helped him develop the software based on his instructions and terrific card interpretations. Check it out!

There is really no right or wrong way to interpret tarot cards. If it feels right, do it. Some people prefer to always view cards in the upright position while others interpret upside down cards differently, either with an opposite meaning of the upright version, or a weaker strength of the same meaning.

You have the option of saving your reading in an online journal and commenting on the cards.

If you prefer gothic-themed tarot readings with a black background, you are encouraged to visit my other site: Vampire Tarot

I hope you find this website useful. If you would like to add tarot readings to your site I can custom design a widget for you.

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Love Cards and What They Mean For You and Your Love Life

Even in the face of great technological advancements, many people still believe in things that have been here for ages. People still believe in things like fortune-telling and tarot reading to help them in times of great uncertainty and much more. Perhaps there is quite a number of reasons why people go for a tarot reading. It can be something to do with their career; their decisions in life, and most importantly, people go to tarot readings because they want some clues that may lead to an answer about their love and romance. Love is a common reason why people seek help from tarot readers. Are they going to find their significant other soon? Will they last for a long time? These are just some of the questions they wish to be answered after they left the place of the reader.

Continue reading this article to see a listing of the important cards to look for when doing a tarot reading including their respective meanings so you can be aware of what they hold for you and your love life.


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