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comparative Tarot Cards

This is the third collaborative tarot deck project completed in 2004 by a Yahoo Group known as Comparative Tarot e-list. The team effort was organized by Brigit Horner and Chris Asselin and included over 40 individual contributing artists. As with most collaborative decks you can expect to see a wide variety of styles and color pallettes but this group definitely communicated their thought processes with each other so the results aren't entirely chaotic.

In addition to the two organizers mentioned above, other artists for this deck include: Leslie Warner, Joanna Colbert, Kevin Quigley, Michele Jackson, Morwenna Morasch, Rickey Hite, Diane Turek, Kimberly Schwartz, Deb Richardson, Gretchen Hayes, Janet Boggia, Leslie Cochran, Karen Mahony, Alex Ukolov, Hyndla Kensdottir, Runa Wyrdraven, Julie Zaccone Stiller, Saskia Jansen, Rachel Nguyen, Arcana Lefait, Sally Anne Stephen, Peter Cowen, Traci Darin, Tracy Hite, Karen Brighton, Carmen Schweitzer, Judith Burke, Lee Capello, Yvonne Rathbone, James Wells, Nanette Furman, Diane Wilkes, Samantha Kocsis, Maaike Fest, Azraelstar Cat, Maria Kruse, Tony Neff, Valerie Sim, M.A. Griffiths, Mark McElroy, Ruth Vertrees, Janet Selman, Sherryl Woods, Lorena Moore, Maria Kruse, Lorena Moore, Gerald Naylor, Yvonne Rathbone, Moonchild, Fireseeker, Kalimoooo, Traci Darin, Arnell Ando, Alma Puissegur, Jean Hutter, Gary Oppenhuis, and Elizabeth Owen.

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