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Isolation, in a positive way, is the meaning of this card. Quality alone time allows one to reflect and have deep thoughts. Typically we see an old man in robes peering out from the murk with a lamp or lantern providing necessary illumination, revealing the landscape for his discernment. Below you can view the various artistic interpretations of the The Hermit card.

The Hermit

The Hermit is the courage to go it alone.

Alone in the vast desert, not certain where the journey leads, with just enough light to take the next step.

The true seeker. Only you can do your work.
This is the awareness that no one will rescue you;
no one else can light the path ahead, or live your life for you;
no one will do your work for you;
This is the awareness that you can never go back.
You must continue to take one more step forward as long as you are alive.
The vast sky, the endless dunes of sand, the fog and mist represent aloneness.
Loneliness, ambiguity, and uncertainty.
The candle is the teachings and works that have given you a bit of the light.
The lone pine on the rock, bending to the storms, is the Hermit.
The eagle flying high to search for the path is the Hermit.
The yogi, deep in meditation, is the Hermit.
The flame is the light of pure intelligence.
The Hermit symbolizes the loneliness of your inner work.
It is not meant to be a retreat from the world,
nor a denial of the need for human relationships.
If you should try to speak the truth to others, they will not hear you.
You are not the perfected human being.
You have not, yet, embodied the wisdom.
Are you finding it difficult to be the Hermit in a noisy, chaotic outer world?
Can you press on, regardless?
How do you deal with your spiritual loneliness?

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