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Tarot Card Meanings > Major Arcana > The Moon

This is a card of the primitive, subconscious mind. Visually there are barking dogs, howling wolves, crustaceans crawling out of water. It is a time to rest and prepare and pay heed to our dreams. Beware illusions and deception. It is not yet time to act but the seeds of action are in the process of being planted. Below you can view the various artistic interpretations of the The Moon card.

The Moon

The Moon reminds that it is time to pacify your essential needs.
The basic needs of the instincts.
When these are satisfied and filled with positive energy,
then you have the honeymoon!
Only then can you comprehend real love.
When the needs of the instincts are unmet, you experience the dark moon.
Hecate. Kali. The dark goddess.
Insatiable desires. Paranoia. Panic.
When your body is starving, you can’t experience love.
When you don’t have friends, you can’t feel safe on this planet.
When you don’t understand what is happening, you are prey to dark imagination.
The dog, the wolf and the crab symbolize the three basic instincts.
The essential needs that must be pacified are:
-the physical needs for food, shelter and identity: “Am I O.K.?”
-the emotional needs for human relations and community: “Who am I with?”
-the mental needs for clear mind and accurate knowledge: “What’s happening?”
The entire human population of the world has these same essential needs.
Some attempts are being made to pacify them with, for example:
Feed the Hungry Campaigns; the United Nations; and satellite communications.
Humanity is waiting for the honeymoon.
The age of Aquarius.
Peace on earth.

What instinct do you need to pacify?
What essential need of yours is unmet?
Are you prepared for the honeymoon?

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