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Gothic Tarot of Vampires

Gothic Tarot of Vampires Cards

Romantic, sensuous, and mysterious, Gothic Tarot of Vampires speaks the language of the subconscious, of our dreams, and our nightmares too. It gives us the strength and guidance to face our fears with confidence. The vampires in these cards are dark and damned protagonists that live in desolate yet technologically advanced urban landscapes, a darker version of our own reality. Their poignant beauty is apparent as they move between their human and supernatural natures.

In the modern mythic world of darkness, many of the traditions of the light—which is shunned by vampires—are reversed. In other decks, The Sun is a card of great fortune. In this deck, it is a harbinger of doom. Usually considered a sign of good fortune, it shows a vampire on a hill just before sunrise, perhaps drawing an epitaph into the ground. The Judgement card has the Sun's rays shining on the vampire, causing him to burn.

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Each card has two meanings. For instance, The Tower is referred to as The Grave; the Hermit is called Daytime (a vampire hiding alone from the aforementioned sun). Justice is called Consecrated Ground, and so on.

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